Cosplay Death-Match

{ Call for Cosplay Death-Match: Sunday 1:30-2pm Main Events A }

{ Cosplay Death-Match: Sunday 2-5pm Main Events A }


The thrill of battle; the sting of defeat; the heady taste of victory. In this event, two characters enter the ring, but only one will leave it alive. Your cheers will propel your favored champion to victory, and consign the loser to an agonizing defeat. Once a winner is declared by you, the audience, they will be given the strength to defeat their foe to sate your thirst for violence. Who will you cheer for, and who will be crowned the ultimate death-match victor of Genericon? Let the games begin!

Unlike previous years, there will be no sign up for this event before convention weekend. If you are interested in participating, please see a Staff member at the Cosplay Information Table during the convention to sign up.