Cosplay Performance Competition

{ Call for Cosplay Masquerade: Saturday 2-3pm Main Events A }

{ Cosplay Masquerade: Saturday 3-6pm Main Events A }


Lights! Camera! Action! Can you sing? Dance? How about tell jokes or act? The Cosplay Performance Competition is a chance for you to put on a rousing performance in cosplay and get judged by our expert panel of judges. Multiple prizes are available to exceptional performances!

Thank you wanting to join our Cosplay Performance Contest. The deadline for this form is 11:59 PM FEBRUARY 1, 2018. Submissions received after this time will be ignored.

You must submit an initial draft of your script with this entry form. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A FINAL VERSION. Scripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format, must include the names or alias of all participating group members, and must include all dialogue (recorded or otherwise), song lyrics (recorded or otherwise), and any planned stunts or acrobatics. Please note that a maximum of 20 performances will be accepted. We will notify those accepted for the contest by 11:59 pm February 8, 2018, as well as those on the wait-list.

See the Performance Competition: Rules and Policies for full details. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Cosplay Coordinators.