Enter our Conbook Cover Contest

We’re looking for artwork to adorn the cover of our lovely full-color Conbook once again!

Submissions are open! The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2017.

If you have any questions, please send an email to our Contests Coordinator ([email protected]).


  • Free admission to Genericon
  • A $20 dollar Amazon gift card
  • Your art will be featured on the cover of our conbook!


  • NEW!! Download Front Cover Template from here to get started right away
  • NEW!! Download Front and Back Cover Template from here to get started right away
  • Conbook cover submissions should be in color!
  • Your art should be 9 x 12 inches (for front cover only) or 18 x 12 inches (for front and back wraparound covers) at 300 dpi or more. You can go a little outside this, but understand that we will have to crop the art.
  • For wraparound covers, understand that the left side will be the back cover, and we will most likely put a map graphic on top of it. So keep your important focal points on the right side!
  • All work MUST be original. It is prohibited to use any art, characters, or backgrounds from the different source other than your own. If you do submit a work that violated copyright rules we will not accept it.