Apply for our Artist Alley

Genericon’s Artists’ Alley is where artists and crafters display their work, draw commissioned sketches and badges, and may sell merchandise of their work such as prints, CDs, comic books, and buttons. Official applications for Genericon XXXIII are now closed, please stand by for application results. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Artist Alley Coordinator at [email protected]

Information for Applying Artists

Important Deadlines for Artists

December 3rd, 2019 Artist Alley Registration Opens
December 3rd, 2019 Genericon XXXIII official date is announced
February 3rd, 2020 Artist Alley Registration Closes
February 10th, 2020 Preliminary Artist Alley Decisions Announced
Follow-Ups with chosen artists
Payment for Artist Alley table is required to continue
February 10th, 2020 Final Roster for Genericon XXXIII Artist Alley is decided