Become a Volunteer

Volunteering at Genericon is a great way to give back to your favorite college-student-run con and will now be much more structured. In previous years, you could anticipate long hours and late night shifts. With our departure from 48-hours of convention, we can now have a significantly more pleasant experience for our volunteers. The longest possible shift we now offer is 8 hours in one day, with two 4 hour blocks with a one hour break in between.

Duties include:
  • Guard duty
  • Sitting in on showings or the dance
  • Handling the registration table
  • Line control during autograph signings

Rates for Volunteers Depending on How Much Time You Volunteer
All reward tiers include all prior tiers.

Every 4 Hours Get $5.00 off Genericon admission badge
8 Hours Get an official Genericon staff or attendee shirt
12 Hours Get a Genericon water bottle
16 Hours Your Genericon badge is free at this point. Also, get a goodie bag filled with tokens of our appreciation
20 Hours A spot on the Fireside Chat with Baked Beans panel, and a hug from the Director of Operations (optional)

There are 2 easy steps to become a volunteer for Genericon 32. The first step is to go to our Eventbrite and click on tickets. Volunteers will purchase their tickets and be reimbursed at the end of the convention after working their hours. Enter the following “promotional codes” to find the volunteer badges. Please note these badges are the same prices as regular badges, but you will be refunded the cost after you have worked.

RPI Students: bakedbeans

Normal Volunteers: bakedbeanz

EventBrite Page

The second step is to visit the following form to fill out your information. Be sure to fill out the whenisgood at the top of the form. Thank you!

Genericon XXXII Volunteer Form