Cosplay Chess

Location: TBD

Cosplay Chess is a modern twist on a classic spectacle during the Renaissance, where players stood on a field as pawns in a chess match, directed by two masters. In this modern interpretation, characters of all different fandoms and genres battle it out for dominance under the control of two masters. Please keep in mind that all convention and cosplay rules still apply at this event. As the date of the event approaches, you will receive a confirmation letter regarding your character position, as well as further instructions for what to do on the day of the event.

The theme of Genericon XXXI is “Cyberpunk/32-bit.” In accordance with this theme, this year’s Cosplay Chess will be titled “Viva La Revolution”.

The digital alarm of revolution is ringing as corporations are controlling the masses through technology. Fortunately, the rebel faction has something to say about that. The two warring factions will be the Rebel and the Order. Come and see their battles and struggle in the made-up city of Genericonia!

You do not need to declare a side when you register or sign up. We will assign a side to you in that case. If you have a side you want to be on, just indicate it on the form.

Registration is not open yet, please stand by

Submissions are due by TBD. Due to the nature of chess, spaces are very limited and likely to fill up before then. Additional entries beyond capacity will be placed on a wait list. All accepted and wait listed entries will be notified within a week of the submission deadline.

If you have any questions, contact the cosplay coordinators at [email protected]

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