Genericon XXXII Dance: Neuroraver

Update 9/29: At this time, the Genericon XXXIII dance has not been planned yet. Please stay tuned for new information in the coming months. Last Genericon’s dance information can be viewed below.

Dance back to the dystopian future of the past as Genericon’s dance envelops you in a dark and gritty cyberpunk wonderland, dominated by networks and cutting-edge technology juxtaposed by the murky, illicit underworld, all done with a special selection of DJs bringing you into your very own neon-and-noir fantasies.



MORIS BLAK is a pulse driven descent into the catacombs of the dance underground. Fusing the cold aggression of industrial music with the surgical precision of modern bass music, MORIS BLAK is the hymn for your warehouse rituals. Performances are a vortex of adrenaline and dread, playing their unique brand of bleak electronics to a backdrop of haunting visuals. Prepare to join the cult of industrial bass music. MORIS BLAK has been releasing music through Blind Mice Productions since 2016.


New England-area industrial beats that will corrupt your children’s minds, from a genderqueer DJ whose face is either draped in shadows or lavishly bedazzled.

Sawtooth is an electronic music producer/DJ who has been spinning industrial, dark-dance, and video game remix music for clubs and parties since 2013, bringing foot-stomping mechanical beats and rhythms to the underground scene. As a DJ, Sawtooth has cut a swath of hard-hitting tunes all across New England, headlining events in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine, as well as opening events for touring DJs and artists like Panic Lift, Interface, Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, Metamorph, Kors K, Remo-Con, DJ Venom, Mitomoro, End: The DJ, Technorch, and various others.

As a producer, Sawtooth is an in-house DJ for the New England-based events collective System Arcadia, and has produced official remixes for international artists like Massive Ego, Dear Strange, Metroland, MOЯIS BLAK, Flesh Eating Foundation, Big Time Kill, Snowbeasts, Transdusk, Microwaved, and many more. Sawtooth’s original music is inspired by a combination of classic EBM and electro-industrial, frequently peppered with subtle references to video games, science fiction, and other forms of geekdom.

Photo credited to A Curious Production.

The D

The D brings it hard, loud, and fast! Taking a crowd’s favorite tracks, and reinventing them with blinding fast multi-genre mixing on 2-4 decks, explosive stage presence, and a bit of turntablism for flair! After finding the right blend of happy hardcore, drum n bass, half time, hip hop, trap, and jazz, he regularly performs at raves, parties, conventions, and festivals, locally regionally and nationally. The D aims to bring the hardcore sound to masses, in his own uniquely outlandish style that is sure to leave any dancefloor begging for more.


DeBisco (FKA DJ Scratchin’) is the stage name of New Jersey based musician Mike DeBisco. His critically acclaimed debut EP, “RE:CONNECT” was released on UK based breakcore/hardcore/mashcore label Dance Corps in 2017. Since then he has released on various independent labels including Rising Sun Traxx and Ravertooth Tiger. DeBisco has also been featured on several online radio shows including rAmen Break and Otaku Hardcore Revolution. His unique blend of drum & bass, J-core and hardtek will get your heart racing and your body moving!