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General Questions
Events and Panels
Minor Attendees
Volunteering with Genericon
Video Gaming Policy
RPGs and LARPs

General Questions

What is Genericon?
Genericon is an anime, science-fiction, and gaming convention located on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus in Troy, New York. It has been running for over thirty years featuring events such as anime and science-fiction showings, guest speakers, role-playing games, board games, an open video gaming room, and more.

Who runs Genericon?
Genericon is run by a volunteer committee of RPI students. The committee is a part of the Rensselaer Science-Fiction and Anime Club (RSFA) and the RPI Student Union.

When does Genericon happen?
The convention runs on Saturday and Sunday, typically in late February or early March. The convention is fully operational the entire time, with a wide variety of things to do at any moment.

Does Genericon have a forum or other place I can go to chat and ask questions about Genericon stuff?
Genericon’s administration, staff, and community members can be found on our Discord (shown in sidebar). Additionally, we have the subreddit /r/genericon, where you are free to post about Genericon-related things to your heart’s content.

I can’t find a hotel. Can I crash at the con?
No. Our policy states that we cannot allow anyone to sleep at the convention.


Events and Panels

When is the deadline for Panel Submissions? When will I receive confirmation about my panel?
Panel submissions are usually open from late October to January. Panel confirmation emails will be sent out no later than 2 weeks after panel submissions close. See the Panels/Events page for exact dates!

How do I host a panel at Genericon? How does the panel submission process work?

  1. You come up with a panel idea, and sort out whatever you would do in this panel.
  2. While panel submissions are open, you submit your panel to the Panels Coordinator via our website here.
  3. Genericon Staff needs 2 weeks to figure out a working schedule that reasonably accommodates as many panelists as possible. Please be patient with us!
  4. You wait for a confirmation email approximately two weeks after panel submissions have closed. It will either say ‘Woohoo you’re gonna perform your panel on XX day at XX time :D’ or ‘Sorry but we couldn’t fit you into the schedule :(‘
  5. If your panel was accepted, you work out all preparations and host a fantastic panel during Genericon! Yayyy!

What’s the difference between Panels and Events?
Panels are run by volunteer panelists. They are generally 1 to 2 hours long, and the panelist(s) can do anything related to anime, sci-fi, or video games; anything being a presentation, skit, show, audience-participating games, etc.Events are run by guests or featured panelists. The Genericon staff also run some special events, such as the Cosplay Contest.

Do panelists get booths?
We do not have booths for panelists, only space for vendors in the Dealer’s Room and artists in the Artists Alley.

Can I suggest a featured panelist for next year?
Absolutely! Email [email protected] with your suggestions!

Policy for Non-18+ Events
Non-18+ panels and events are limited to PG-13 content. This means swearing should be kept to a minimum. No nudity or sexual scenes are allowed, but suggestive content would be allowed in moderation. Genericon reserves the right to overrule your argument if we feel your panel would be inappropriate for minors. Keep in mind 18+ events may only be run at night, after 10 P.M.

Can I run an event or a panel at Genericon?
Certainly! Any attendee may sign up in advance to run a panel or event at Genericon, pending staff approval. To submit a panel you would like to run, please use the form embedded in this page. If you have any questions, feel free to mail our panels coordinator at [email protected]

Is there an age limit for panelists?
No, but all minors require a guardian present at all times. See Minor Attendees FAQ.

What is the compensation for panelists?
Panelists receive a full badge refund.



How much is registration this year?
For members of the RPI community, including students, faculty, and staff, the price is $10. For members of the general public, the price is $30.

Can I pre-register for the convention?
Certainly! Pre-registration will open a few months before the date of the convention and will allow you to guarantee yourself admission in advance in the unlikely event that we reach our maximum attendance capacity. In addition, there is a $10 discount for members of the general public if you pre-register, bringing the price down to $20.

Can I get a discount if I only come for some of the convention?
No. Our policy states that the price of admission does not change over the course of Friday or Saturday. There may be a small decrease in price for those who arrive on Sunday, but the exact discount cannot be determined until then.

My Panel was accepted! (YAY!) But I already pre-ordered my badge for the con. Can I get reimbursed?
Yes, just email [email protected] to get reimbursed.

Is there a group discount?
Please email [email protected] to see if you qualify.

Can someone else use my badge?
If an attendee if caught using a badge that belongs to someone else, the badge will be confiscated, and the attendee will be asked to purchase their own badge or face eviction from Genericon.


Minor Attendees

I am under the age of 18. Can I still attend?
Certainly, though with one caveat: you must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian who is legally responsible for you. In addition, some events may be deemed unsuitable for minors.

My parents can’t make it, but I know someone who can vouch for me. Do they count?
If you come with a person of at least 21 years of age who is willing to stay with (and take legal responsibility for) you for the entire convention, you may still attend, provided that you remain in their presence at all times.

I’m the parent of a minor who wishes to attend Genericon. Do I have to stay the entire time?
You must be with your child at all times while they attend Genericon. In the event they get separated from you, we will ask for a cell-phone number that we can reach you at so that you may be reunited.

How old does my child have to be to need a badge?
All children under the age of 4 do not require a badge to get into the convention (though they must have a guardian).

I’m going to stay with my child but am not really interested in what your convention has to offer. Do I need to pay for my badge?
Yes, you must purchase a badge even if you do not intend to participate. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a discount for parents and guardians who do not wish to participate in events at Genericon.


Volunteering with Genericon

How can I help Genericon?
Genericon is always looking for volunteers and staff members to help out with running the convention. Volunteers help out with running anime and science-fiction showing rooms, check badges at doors to events, and help run the gaming room. Staff members are RPI students who help with planning the convention as well as helping to run it.

What do I get for volunteering?
Volunteers are supremely useful to the convention and are rewarded as such. Volunteers receive partial refunds to the price of their badges upon completion of their shifts. Staff members invest a large amount of time in setting up the convention and can receive free admission.

How do I sign up?
Anyone can sign up for a volunteer shift by contacting [email protected] Scheduling specific shifts will occur closer to the date of the convention, when the schedule has been more concretely determined. Any RPI student who is interested in becoming a staff member may contact [email protected] for more information.


Video Gaming Policy

How does the open gaming room work?
The gaming room is stocked with a wide variety of consoles, controllers, and games generously loaned to the convention by staff members and attendees. Any attendee can check out equipment, use it in the gaming room, then return it before they leave. As a security measure, all equipment must remain in the gaming room at all times.

How do I loan equipment to Genericon?
Genericon needs to borrow many televisions, gaming systems, controllers, cables, and games to ensure that the gaming room runs at peak efficiency. To loan us equipment, simply fill out the form on the video gaming page of our website, here. At the end of the convention, equipment may be retrieved by the original owners from the gaming room to be taken home.

Can I bring my own gear for my own use in the gaming room?
No. All game systems, controllers, cables, and televisions must be registered with Genericon for the duration of the convention. This means that any personal controllers, consoles, etc. must be left in the gaming room for the duration of the convention. Memory cards and hard drives are the only exception: Genericon neither registers nor keeps track of memory cards and hard drives, so their use is at your own risk.


RPGs and LARPs

What sort of role-playing games does Genericon host?
Genericon hosts several role-playing games of all sorts during the convention. In the past, we have run RPGA events such as Living Greyhawk and Living Forgotten Realms, LARPs, and pen-and-paper role-playing games of all sorts. The types of events run are subject to the availability of GMs.

How do I sign up for a game?
Gaming registration is typically run during the convention, though a select few games may require advance sign-ups. Please check out the Traditional Games page for more information.

Can I run a game?
Certainly! If you would like to run a pen-and-paper role-playing game or a LARP, please contact [email protected] for more information.



What are the rules for cosplaying at Genericon?
The complete rules for cosplay can be read on this page!

My cosplay outfit includes a weapon. Can I bring it?
All props or ornamental weapons need to be completely harmless. Generally, if the prop can be harmlessly broken over the head of the person who brings it, it is generally acceptable. Any props or weapons found to be potentially dangerous will be confiscated for the duration of the convention. Specific exceptions may be made for the purposes of the cosplay competition only. For more information, contact our cosplay coordinator at ([email protected]).

My cosplay outfit includes very little fabric. Can I wear it?
Most likely not. We do not encourage provocative dress at Genericon and try to maintain a certain level of decency for our attendees. Please keep in mind that there are occasionally children and parents at the convention. As a general rule of thumb, do not wear anything that you would feel uncomfortable wearing while standing outside in cold February winds.