General Contest Tips & Tricks

I) The early bird gets the worm: Be early to everything, including sign-up, registration, check-in, judging times, and ESPECIALLY the call for the Masquerade. Things happen, and being early will ensure everything will go more smoothly for you. This means eating, drinking, using bathrooms, etc, well before going on stage or your judging to minimize delays. You must participate in the Masquerade and be present at the Awards Ceremony to be eligible to receive a prize. Please plan accordingly.

II) Bring repair supplies with you: Genericon will have a cosplay repair room, however given the nature of conventions and the elaborate costumes present Genericon cannot guarantee that specific tools or materials will be available. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring repair supplies that apply specifically to your costume in case of emergencies. Further, knowing cosplay, emergencies that occur right before your performance or judging slot may not be fixed promptly without those supplies. Please plan accordingly.

III) Have a friend watch your personal belongings: If you have any personal belongings (purchases, backpack, purse, etc) that you do not wish to bring on stage with you, we recommend having a friend watch it. You may leave it backstage, however, it is not guaranteed that staff or volunteers will be able to watch it. Genericon’s staff, volunteers, and other affiliates are NOT responsible for any belongings that are lost, stolen, damaged, broken, or otherwise misplaced. Please plan accordingly.

IV) Ask us stuff: If you have any questions or concerns, or are otherwise confused, please don’t hesitate to ask a staff member/volunteer at the Cosplay Info table or to contact the Cosplay Coordinator(s).

V) Practice: Well polished and well practiced routines will be much better received than something cobbled together five minutes before going on stage. As they say, practice makes perfect so perfect your practice.

VI) FUN: Cosplay is an amazing experience so remember to have fun and smile while you are on stage or in the judging room. Best of luck, and break a leg!