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Administrative Staff
The administrative staff of Genericon are in charge of overall organization and operation of the convention. If you would like to ask about our policies, talk to “someone in charge,” or have questions that are outside the realms of the specific staff members listed, talk to these people.

Primary Chair: Timothy ([email protected])
Vice-Chair: Sam A. ([email protected])
Operations: Luke ([email protected])
Treasurer: Kristoff ([email protected])

Registration Coordinator
The registration coordinator is responsible for handling registration for the general public. If you are wondering how to go about registering for the convention as an attendee, contact this person.

Danielle ([email protected])

Public Relations (Press) Coordinator
The PR coordinator is responsible for dealing with press relations and scheduling interviews. If you are a member of the press who would like to know more about Genericon, or who is interested in attending Genericon as a member of the press, contact this individual.

Tusa ([email protected])

Artist Coordinator
The artist coordinator is in charge of organizing and operating the artists’ alley at Genericon, where artists of all sorts can show off their craft. If you would like to register as an artist or have questions about the artists’ alley in general, talk to this person.

Sam ([email protected])

Panels Coordinator
The panels coordinator oversees all the panels and coordinates with the people running them. If you have any questions or want to run a panel yourself, please contact our panels coordinator.

Peter ([email protected])

Guest Coordinator
The guest coordinator is tasked with contacting and coordinating with those guests of Genericon who contribute to the convention with their specialized knowledge and talents. If you have questions about registering as a guest or have suggestions for a potential guest you think would be a good addition to Genericon’s lineup, contact this individual.

~Position Deferred~ ([email protected])

Vendor Coordinator
The vendor coordinator is in charge of handling all matters related to the vendors that sell their wares at Genericon. If you have questions about our vendors or would like to apply for a table in our vendor rooms, contact this person.

Lake ([email protected])

Cosplay Contest Coordinator
The cosplay contest coordinator is involved in contests coordination and judgment. If you have questions about our cosplay contests, contact this individual.

Emilie ([email protected])

Cosplay Events Coordinator
The cosplay events coordinator is involved in all aspects of cosplay events and their coordination. If you have questions about our cosplay events, contact this individual.

Emilie ([email protected])

Cosplay Operations Coordinator
The cosplay operations coordinator is involved in all aspects of cosplay at Genericon, including policy, event coordination, and contests. If you have questions about our cosplay contests, policies, or events, contact this individual.

Emilie ([email protected])

Video Gaming Coordinator
The video gaming coordinator is in charge of operating our 24-hour video gaming room and our gaming tournaments. If you would like to participate in a tournament or are interested in lending equipment to our gaming room, contact this person.

Sean ([email protected])

Traditional Gaming Coordinator
The traditional gaming coordinator is responsible for assisting with the organization of various traditional games at Genericon, including board games, card games, table-top role-playing games, and live-action role-playing games. If you are interested in GMing or participating in an RPG or LARP at Genericon, contact this person.

Tusa ([email protected])

Science Fiction Coordinator
The science fiction coordinator is responsible for scheduling and arranging for the various science fiction shows and movies that are shown at Genericon. If you have questions regarding our sci-fi showings, as well any suggestions as to what to show, contact this person.

Ashley ([email protected])

Anime Coordinator
The anime coordinator is responsible for selecting and scheduling the anime that is shown at Genericon. If you have questions regarding our anime showings or would like to make a suggestion, contact this individual.

Ashley ([email protected])

Contests Coordinator
The contests coordinator’s responsibilities include the creation and organization of contests and the appointing of their judges. For any questions or concerns regarding the contests please contact this person.

Tusa ([email protected])

Dance Coordinator
The dance coordinator is in charge of organizing the dance that is held during the convention. If you have suggestions for the dance, email this person.

~Position Deferred~ ([email protected])

Director of Technical Operations
The director of technical operations makes all of tech for Genericon happen, contact this guy for tech questions. Never gets to sleep cause there is always something to fix.

Chris ([email protected])

Conbook Coordinator
The conbook coordinator compiles all the con information and designs the conbook. For information and requests regarding the conbook, contact this individual.

Joseph ([email protected])

Design Team Lead
The design team lead is the head of the team that brings the theme to life with illustrations of banners, posters, and more!

Noah ([email protected])

Website Coordinator
The website coordinator maintains, updates, and often times creates, the website. If you notice any errors, please notify me.

Sam S. ([email protected])

The historian documents each year’s Genericon, starting from the initial meetings to the date of the convention.

~Position Deferred~ ([email protected])

Keeper of the Ketchup
The Keeper of the Ketchup is in charge of keeping the ketchup out of the hands of ne’er-do-wells who would abuse it in unspeakable ways. It is she who ensures that the cap is clean and the ketchup used wisely. Should thou have any questions regarding ketchup, its ingredients, nutritional value or its proper uses, contact the Keeper of the Ketchup.


Baked Beans for Life

Baked Beans
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