Video Games

Video Gaming at Genericon
Genericon’s video gaming section consists primarily of gaming tournaments along with the 24 – hour gaming room. They are detailed below, along with some further miscellaneous information.

Genericon hosts several video game tournaments, listed in the conbook, which are held in a separate room from the 24-hour video gaming room. Tournaments times and location will be detailed in the conbook, and prizes will be provided by us. If you wish to run a tournament, there is a link in the sidebar under gaming.

The 24-Hour Video Gaming Room
For the entire duration of the convention, we dedicate one of our rooms solely to the enjoyment of gaming. We typically have a large number of games, consoles, and TVs available for your use, free of charge for all attendees. In addition, feel free to bring your own computer or other device(s) and play for the weekend.
As our equipment is generously donated by our staff and attendees, we have implemented a few policies regarding how equipment is handled to ensure that no items are lost or damaged during the course of the convention. When using the gaming room, please cooperate with our staff to keep things running smoothly.

Using the Gaming Room
We require that anyone who wishes to use the gaming room refrain from bringing backpacks, handbags, messenger bags, bulky coats, and similar items into the gaming room. There is space to leave such items by the door at your own risk, but please keep in mind that it is impossible for us to keep track of every back and, as such, we take no responsibility for the security of any items you leave by the door. Personal controllers are permitted, but must be registered with the gaming room staff to avoid any confusion.
Furthermore, food is forbidden from the room unless stored away, and drinks must be bottled or have a lid and set an adequate distance away from all electronics.
Show basic etiquette, such as not being rude or yelling loudly consistently. Whoever’s currently running the room can exercise their discretion in asking you to leave if they believe you to be a disturbance to other players.

Borrowing and Returning
To borrow a game, simply lend us your RPI, state, or federal ID and tell us what you’d like to play. We’ll return your card to you when you’re done playing and after you have returned all borrowed items. Each attendee can have up to two controllers and one game at any point in time. You can exchange your borrowed items for other items at any time; simply present the borrowed items to the staff member on duty and ask for something else.

Lending Items to Genericon
We will gladly accept temporary donations of any kind of gaming equipment for the duration of the convention. If you have gaming equipment you’d like to lend us, bring it to the convention’s 24-Hour Video Gaming Room and we’ll put it into our system and handle the rest.